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  • Anglais Charles Ray


    • Dap artbook
    • 31 Octobre 2010

    Ever since the early 1970s, sculptor Charles Ray's protean practice has yielded some of the most memorable objects and experiences in contemporary art, causing us to confront, as Peter Schjeldahl has written, "elegant, deadpan fabrications that flip wild switches in our minds." In 1987's "Ink Line," for example, he sent a single stream of ink flowing to the middle of a gallery's floor in a slender column; outside the 1993 Whitney Biennial he parked a massive replica of a toy fire engine. His recent work is just as alluring and unsettling: a steel sculpture of a handheld bird, a poster of an ominous pumpkin, an intricate cast aluminum sculpture of a tractor. Charles Ray surveys the work the artist has made in the past dozen years; an interview by Michael Fried and an essay by John Kelsey complement texts written about each work by Ray himself.

  • Anglais Charles Ray (glenstone 2018)


    • Dap artbook
    • 23 Octobre 2018

    In his sculptural practice, American artist Charles Ray (born 1953) has long been fascinated by the concept of representation, the depiction of the human form and questions of scale. Known for his keen sense of--and respect for--the uncanny, Ray has carved a widely admired path that crisscrosses the arenas of minimalism and conceptual art, while continually pushing the boundaries of visual perception. This book marks the long-term exhibition of works at Glenstone Museum selected by the artist, including Baled Truck (2013), a sculpture made of solid machined stainless steel, emblematic of the artist's meticulous fabrication process. It also includes a conversation with--and text by--the artist and installation photography.

  • Sélection d'oeuvres inédites de seize artistes internationaux appartenant à la collection François Pinault, ainsi que divers travaux créés spécialement pour l'exposition, le tout témoignant de l'art contemporain artisanal décliné dans tous les genres créatifs traditionnels et les techniques les plus diverses.